Tempting Fake

“Tempting Fake” by Tracey Morait
“Tempting Fake” by Tracey Morait 683 1024 Reader Views Kids
Sixteen-year-old Cherry Hill is starved for attention, longing to feel loved and appreciated. These feelings are amplified after her wealthy stepfather, Lord Milborne, coaxes her mother into sending Cherry away. Helton Manor is an all-girls boarding school in the Lake District, and Cherry is skeptical about how she will fit in with these born-into-wealth schoolgirls. Despite bonding with her new roommates—Suki, Rahma, and Tasha—Cherry still feels a gaping hole in her heart. That’s when she turns to Pictapost, an online platform for messaging and posting pictures. Nothing gives her more thrill than posting racy photos and receiving countless likes. Cherry quickly begins messaging Adam Fisher, and her life is turned upside down. read more