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Meet the Author – A Conversation with BL Ryan, author of “Greystone”
Meet the Author – A Conversation with BL Ryan, author of “Greystone” 636 724 Reader Views Kids
Born in Saskatchewan, BL Ryan has lived in several areas across Canada, from Ottawa to Vancouver Island while growing up. Her fondest memory as a child is of her father building a tent trailer and her mother sewing yards and yards of canvas for the tent. The family traveled across Canada and down the eastern seaboard of the United States for several summer vacations. read more
“The King and the Ogre” by William J. Birrell
“The King and the Ogre” by William J. Birrell 279 445 Reader Views Kids
The moment I opened “The King and the Ogre” by William J. Birrell, I knew this was no ordinary children’s book. The uniquely beautiful art that covers these pages is stunning in its duplicitous mix. Bearing the hallmarks of smudged chalk with the rainbow hues of watercolors, the images burst off the pages. There’s a feel of minimal detail, creating a relaxing sensation for the reader. But further inspection shows the illustrations are carefully detailed, reminiscent of early animation where simple backgrounds would be created, and then more detailed characters would be laid on top of the backgrounds for filming. I hadn’t read one word yet, but I was in love with this book. read more
“A Day at the Waterhole” by James Marck
“A Day at the Waterhole” by James Marck 1024 791 Reader Views Kids
With fun, hand-strewn illustrations and amusingly named characters, author James Marck takes kids on a wild jungle adventure in his picture book, “A Day At The Waterhole.” It all starts with two bull elephants, and soon, everyone comes to watch the fight at the local waterhole. The elephants begin to argue about who should be the leader of their pack. With tusks, trunks, and all, the animals ramp up their battle. They can’t come to an agreement—that is until voices of reason finally make their way to the angry ears of the tussling bull elephants. Through the wisdom of their friends, the animals finally come to realize what’s most important. read more
“Greystone” by B L Ryan
“Greystone” by B L Ryan 683 1024 Reader Views Kids

Greystone B L RyanTellwell Talent (2023)ISBN: 978-0228846796Reviewed by Lily Andrews for Reader Views (02/2024) Margaret Gracen, whom everyone called Mouse, had gone to live with…

read more
“Secrets in the Islands” by Lauren de Leeuw
“Secrets in the Islands” by Lauren de Leeuw 640 1024 Reader Views Kids
Sami Johnson isn’t your average twelve-year-old. She has super-famous archaeologist parents for one thing, so her parents’ renowned status casts a unique shadow on her upbringing. She doesn’t even go to a real school. She’s never met her best friends in real life because she studies with them completely through the internet. For her family’s latest adventure, they are off to the island of Haida Gwaii, an archipelago off the coast of Canada. Sami finds that there is a lot more excitement there than some mere archaeological finds. A “destruction” (construction) company is out to privatize ocean access, taking it away from the natives of the islands and destroying their heritage in the process. With the help of her new Haida friend, Alaya, Sami sets out to stop them before it is too late. read more
“Smelly Begins” by Cindy Lane
“Smelly Begins” by Cindy Lane 819 1024 Reader Views Kids
When Adam and Luke learn that their mom is having a baby, they are so excited in “Smelly Begins: The Adventures of Smelly Rogers” by Cindy Lane. Since they both go by silly nicknames between each other, they know immediately that Victoria needs a nickname to rhyme with theirs. Luke’s nickname is Welly, Adam’s is Jelly, and since they want all nicknames to rhyme, they decide Victoria’s will be Smelly because she produces smelly diapers. Of course, this nickname is meant with the utmost affection from her brothers. But as Smelly grows up and starts attending school and extracurricular activities such as soccer, the boys know they can’t cheer their sister on using her Smelly nickname. So, they come up with a new nickname, Nugget, which will only be used out in public, so as not to embarrass Victoria in front of her teachers, coaches, and teammates. read more