Tanya Ellen

“Hurricane Havoc: The Tufts” by Tanya Ellen
“Hurricane Havoc: The Tufts” by Tanya Ellen 819 1024 Reader Views Kids
On Donut Island, there are something called The Tufts; fascinating creatures who live together and help each other whenever needed in the book, “Hurricane Havoc: The Tufts” by Tanya Ellen. This book is part of the author’s Disaster Survival Series for children. Aloe, Aura, and Thon are best friends and love to go on many adventures together. One night when Thon can’t sleep, he decides to star gaze. He notices a shooting star fly across the sky and start dropping glowing dust behind it. He reaches out and catches a little stardust on his arm. But when he awakens the next morning, the unthinkable happens. He is now invisible, and he isn’t sure why or even how to stop it. read more
“The Tufts: Thunderbolt” by Tanya Ellen
“The Tufts: Thunderbolt” by Tanya Ellen 418 522 Reader Views Kids
Using an entertaining story to deliver a message to children has proven to be a successful teaching tool. This author has taken advantage of this in her whimsical fantasy story, The Tufts Thunderbolt. It takes place on the enchanted Donut Island, inhabited by unusual but loveable creatures called Tufts, their nemeses, the Fizzle Wizzles, and a mini helper called a Tuffet. read more