“Reign Returned” by Katie Keridan
“Reign Returned” by Katie Keridan 171 265 Reader Views Kids
“Reign Returned” written by Katie Keridan, is the first book in the young adult series, “The Felserpent Chronicles.” In ancient days, the Felserpent King and Queen made a pact that would endure the ages and ensure a future salvation for their people; but civil war broke out and divided their kingdom by blood, causing Astrals, Daevals, and their animal Cyphers to embody hatred and prejudice for the other. Present day Sebastian Sayre is a Daeval intent on one goal: retrieving the Felserpent King’s sword Rhannu to make himself invincible. The only problem is, he can’t enter the realm of the dead without the help of a Recovrancer. Kyra Valorian is a young, talented Astral healer who is next in line to become the top healer in her realm, but her world is turned upside down when she meets Sebastian and feels an intense connection to him she doesn’t understand. Through trials and tense moments, the couple learn more about themselves, the past, and the politics of their realms, while discovering their part in the shared destinies of their people.  read more
“Ski Weekend” by Rektok Ross
“Ski Weekend” by Rektok Ross 175 263 Reader Views Kids
“Ski Weekend: A Novel” is a YA thriller that will have you biting your nails down to stubs. Life hangs in the balance, but so do friendships and maybe even hope itself. This compelling story follows six teenagers on a weekend ski trip that turns incredibly wrong. read more