Saving Sophie

“Saving Sophie” by Debbie Schrack
“Saving Sophie” by Debbie Schrack 175 265 Reader Views Kids
“Saving Sophie” by Debbie Schrack is a coming-of-age story about a boy and a girl in love and learning to navigate this feeling under uncommon circumstances. Gabe is a seventeen-year-old high school senior, perfectionist, athlete, academic scholar, and a down-to-earth guy trying to survive the end of high school and figure out his future while working around a social and love life. Frustration and resentment take over as his primary emotions toward his older brother who is currently in prison.  Six months earlier, his brother killed four members of a family in a drunk driving accident and is now serving nearly a decade for it.  The sole survivor of the family devastated by this wreck is Sophie, a sixteen-year-old who now struggles with seizures and a learning disability. Following the accident, the lives of both Gabe and Sophie turn upside down in different yet similar ways. read more