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Meet the Author! A Conversation with Karen Donley-Hayes – Author of “Shoalie’s Crow”
Meet the Author! A Conversation with Karen Donley-Hayes – Author of “Shoalie’s Crow” 629 571 Reader Views Kids
A main focus in Karen Donley-Hayes’s writing has always been animals, particularly horses, with forays into the medical field. Her work has appeared in Dressage Today, Equus, Modern Horse Breeding, The Horse, Hunter & Sport Horse, The Chronicle of the Horse, and Horse Illustrated, The Saturday Evening Post online, Blue Lyra Review, and The Quotable, among others, and numerous medical journals and publications. Her work has been anthologized in Chicken Soup for the Soul-My Cat’s Life, The Heart of All That Is: Reflections on Home, and The Blue Lyra Review. She was a Pushcart Prize nominee for “Hens on a Porch” from Blue Lyra Review as well as for “Under Cover” from The Quotable. read more
“The Magic Snow Globe” by Veronica Taylor
“The Magic Snow Globe” by Veronica Taylor 640 1024 Reader Views Kids
Blaire and Jake Parker have just moved to Los Angeles, and aren’t exactly happy about it. A few days later on a trip to the mall, Jake spots a snow globe, except it’s missing something: snow! Intrigued, Jake buys it, takes it home, and sets it on his shelf. Later that night, it starts to glow! Just as Blaire, Jake’s sister, pokes her head in, the strange orb teleports them to a faraway planet similar to Earth, but with one outrageous difference: SUGAR is the dominant species. read more
“Nature Study Buddies” by Charlene McIver
“Nature Study Buddies” by Charlene McIver 175 184 Reader Views Kids
“Nature Study Buddies” is an inspiring and educative children’s book by award-winning author Charlene McIver, and the third book of her “Leigh’s Wheelie Adventures” series. In this story, Leigh, Tara, and Cosmo are close friends who are trying to figure out what kind of animals they will study for their school program. read more
“Gracie and the Radar Girls” by Karen J. Moore
“Gracie and the Radar Girls” by Karen J. Moore 175 237 Reader Views Kids
“Gracie and the Radar Girls,” written by Karen J. Moore and illustrated by Lyn Meredith, is the story of Grace Hudlow and her experience during WWII as a Radar Girl. The story tells about the pivotal role of the WARD (Women’s Air Raid Defense) in the war efforts. Gracie was only 16 years old the day she learned Pearl Harbor was under attack. When President Roosevelt declared war, everyone was called to do their part. After graduation, Gracie heard of efforts recruiting women to assist with vital top-secret jobs in the Hawaiian Islands. Gracie was interviewed and investigated by the FBI and accepted for the job! She became part of the Women’s Air Raid Defense, and she and the other women recruited worked in an underground bomb-proof tunnel that was code named LIZARD! The training was intense, and the women had to learn a new technology: RADAR: Radio Air Detection and Ranging. Known as Shuffleboard Pilots, the women of WARD played an essential role for the United States and were respected and celebrated when they returned home after the war ended. read more
“A Stellar Purpose” by Natacha Belair
“A Stellar Purpose” by Natacha Belair 175 262 Reader Views Kids
I love to read a book that is well written, fun, enchanting, and has a purpose for being written. In her first book, Natacha Belair has successfully given me all of these reasons to read, plus some, and I am thrilled. In “A Stellar Purpose,” we are introduced to Avery, who is a normal 15-year-old with all the normal problems and enjoyable moments. Avery has a boyfriend she adores but cannot quite figure out why he is with her, a best friend who she adores but finds out cannot always be trusted, a great family with an annoying younger sister, and a love for animals which leads her to a wonderful job – or so she thought. In addition to all of this, each time that Avery falls asleep she is led to an alternate dimension on earth where she finds out there is a whole group of people, her grandmother who passed away years ago included, whose goal is to save the planet. Avery finds herself among them and learns that her purpose in this life is to protect animals. read more
“Let’s Celebrate Being Different” by Lainey Dee
“Let’s Celebrate Being Different” by Lainey Dee 175 175 Reader Views Kids
“Let’s Celebrate Being Different” by Lainey Dee, illustrated by Dhiraj Navlakhi, is an endearing and encouraging children’s book about recognizing and loving the differences you find in yourself and others. read more