Told in the perfect rhyming style, Jack is a boy who comes from a mixed-race family; he loves “jumping, playing, and flying kites.” He also loves his parents dearly, as well as his baby brother, Dylan, and his puppy, Banjo.
The story overall is age-appropriate for early elementary age as it teaches, in an entertaining way, part of the science of water (not the water cycle, but more so the phases of water - solid and liquid). The vocabulary was spot-on for Lydia to read and understand.
"Chandler the Crocodile" is a fascinating picture book by Grace Estle and illustrated by QBN Studios. Readers are introduced to young Chandler, a crocodile who has just joined a new school. Chandler quickly notices he looks different from his peers, who are fluffy bears with brown chocolate coats. His leathery, green skin and pointy teeth quickly draw attention to him as he overhears crass comments about his body along the classroom hallways. Little Chandler is gravely upset as he shares with his mother his sad first day at school. Nothing much changes in the subsequent days and no one wants any association with him, even during breaks. With his mother's constant reassurance, the young crocodile one day discovers his abilities and uniqueness have value.
"Best Friends Forever: A Puppy's Tale" by Portia Y. Clare is a gentle picture book that follows a little girl, Scoopie, whose parents decide to get her a puppy on her fourth birthday.
“Bop-It and No More Covid” by Jessica J. Wohlgemuth allows a much easier path to educating kids about this pandemic, and does it in a spirited, hopeful, lovely way with the addition of brilliant pictures that kids will be entertained by.
Terry Overton and her “Legends of the Donut Shop” is a must-read for everybody out there. It is well-written, emotional, fun, entertaining, and a perfectly presented book that’s a “gift” for all readers out there.
Leigh is doing his best to stay strong and not let his disability get to him while he and Cosmo and Tara make costumes for the Medieval Fair their school is holding. Leigh wants to be that knight in shining armor and gets a bit testy with his friends as they start goofing around and having fun during their ‘project’ day. Leigh wants more than anything to look cool… like everyone else will. But as time moves forward, Leigh starts to kick his anger and impatience away and starts to see the joy in all of it.
"Snatching St. Nick" is a legendary book with delightful characters, an element of magic, and a lot of wonderfully naughty people.
“Who’s Afraid of a Lion?” is the story of a bully, but it’s different because the bully is a little bitty bug, and he’s picking on a big, strong lion!
"Blind the Eyes: A Haunting YA Urban Fantasy (Threads of Dreams Book 1)," by K.A. Wiggins, is a dark fantasy novel about a teenage girl named Cole.
"Dear Me: Letters to Myself, For All of My Emotions" by Donna Tetreault is the story of how it is okay to feel different emotions and not be happy all of the time.
"I Am an Outer Space Alien" is a silly book about a girl who lives on Earth but thinks she's an alien from outer space.
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