“Woodland. Family Portrait” by Art Lionson
“Woodland. Family Portrait” by Art Lionson 640 1024 Reader Views Kids
In 2043 things may not be as different as one might think. Jason and Eddie Woodland live with their parents and two younger siblings, Cody and Mia, in a decent house with enough food and the skills and drive to obtain any job; however, like individuals and families in 2023 and throughout history, they are only scraping by due to job insecurity, economic regression, and family health issues. The family understands they are a unit that must work together to survive, but when Cody gets mixed up with the wrong crowd, they attempt to fix his mistake. Eddie and Jason find themselves suffering for the choices and actions of others while altering the trajectory of their lives and those around them. There are questions, truths, mysteries, allies, and enemies within every situation and individual. read more