Polly Isn’t Home

“Polly Isn’t Home” by AJR Traill
“Polly Isn’t Home” by AJR Traill 640 1024 Reader Views Kids
AJR Traill’s sci-fi novel, “Polly Isn’t Home: A Portal to Another Dimension Has Terrible Consequences” takes the reader on an otherworldly experience with 19-year-old Polly when she wakes among familiar surroundings yet has no recognition of the people around her. Polly is unique in that she has a power not found among humans and a suspicion that it somehow brought her into her current predicament. Taken in by Lily and Austin, a single mom and her son, Polly struggles with gaps in her memory, keeping what she remembers a secret, making appropriate friends, and determining who to trust – it could mean life and death for humankind. An underground lab known as Portal, reminiscent of Area 51, contains as many secrets as the mysterious Polly, who seems to have fallen from the sky. read more