Olly and the Spores of Oak Hill

“Olly & the Spores of Oak Hill” by Glenn Somodi
“Olly & the Spores of Oak Hill” by Glenn Somodi 175 263 Reader Views Kids
tarting a kid’s book with the murder of an old man? Bold move, but it sure got my attention. Many in town spoke of the recently deceased Oren Appleton as the “hermit of Oak Hill.” But to the main character, he was a beloved grandfather.  We first meet Olly and his parents as they move into the inherited house on Oak Hill in Littleton, Massachusetts. Olly has very fond memories of his grandfather spending time with him roaming through natural areas, exploring, and playing games. Olly’s love for nature, and specifically plants, comes directly from his grandfather’s influence. So, while Olly mourns the passing of his grandfather, he sees the possibility of great adventure in exploring the woods of Oak Hill that the older man adored. Having befriended a girl in town who shares his love for nature, Olly inadvertently begins a journey of discovery that will change their lives. read more