Mysteries of the Mist

“Mysteries of the Mist” by C.A. Rand
“Mysteries of the Mist” by C.A. Rand 1024 1024 Reader Views Kids
Sixteen-year-old, Coralee is looking forward to spending the entire summer with her grandfather at the Silver Wing Point lighthouse, where her grandfather is the lighthouse keeper and a retired commercial fisherman in “Mysteries of the Mist” by author C.A. Rand. He will be doing repairs to the lighthouse and the cottage attached and invited Coralee to come help him out because he knows she loves the area and the lighthouse. Without hesitation, she packs some of her things and drives to meet up with her grandfather. She’s looking forward to spending time with him while they work on the cottage and lighthouse together. Little do they both know; it will be a summer neither of them will ever forget. What happens to both the grandfather and Coralee while they spend the summer together? read more