Molly Morningstar Molly on Ice

“Molly Morningstar: Molly on Ice” by Andrea Coke
“Molly Morningstar: Molly on Ice” by Andrea Coke 175 175 Reader Views Kids
Molly wants to participate in the Winter Ice Show but she worries that lack of practice and little know-how of ice skating will stand in her way. Her father takes her to the frozen pond in the park the following day to practice, but every time she tries to leap and spin around hoping to land on one foot like her experienced friend Sarah, she fails terribly. Constant encouragement from her father lightens up her disheartened attitude and even causes her to train harder by having a skating routine at home with her friends. Along the way, she faces various challenges but does not give up. She finally arrives at the arena with her Papa, scared at first but delivers a phenomenal show much to the excitement of the audience in the hall. read more