Mark VanTassel

“I Am Chun” by Mark VanTassel
“I Am Chun” by Mark VanTassel 175 263 Reader Views Kids
Chun is not your average guy. In fact, there’s nothing average about him. Even before he inadvertently did a Rip-Van-Winkle and woke 17,000 years later than intended. In his life before the big sleep, Chun was a master warrior, wizard, and a respected member of the royal family. He has known nothing but war in his 400-year life to that point. He wakes into a strange world where his language is not spoken, his people are not remembered, and he is simply an oddity. He has no family, no money, no home, and no history that the ignorant “children” guarding him know anything about. Chun is more than his name: it is the statement of his modern personage. But I’ll let the explanation for that play out in the story. read more