Love Makes the World Go ‘Round

“Love Makes the World Go ‘Round” by Adam Starks
“Love Makes the World Go ‘Round” by Adam Starks 600 750 Reader Views Kids
“Love Makes the World Go ‘Round” by Adam Starks and illustrated by Natasha Payne-Brunson, is the perfect call-to-action tool for professional helpers, counselors, and those working with “at-promise” children (a term from the book that I love, as it has a more positive ring to it than the often-used term “at-risk”). But more than that, it’s a colorfully illustrated book for people of all ages, including children, to show them that they don’t have to be defined by their past, and that love can lead them to a brighter future. The examples are of children in foster care who, because of love, turned their skills and talents into successful careers later in life, then used them to help others. The message in the book is clear, and touching: with love, anything is possible. read more