Lori Freeland

“The Accidental Boyfriend” by Lori Freeland
“The Accidental Boyfriend” by Lori Freeland 663 1024 Reader Views Kids
All Jessica Thorne wanted was a moment to collect her thoughts before the conference. Instead, she’s lip-locking with a (handsome) stranger and being ambushed by curious onlookers. After the intoxicating sensation of his lips wears off, Jess is instantly irritated by his arrogance. The guy, Gabriel Wade, is a famous Hollywood actor known for being a ladies’ man. He asks a bizarre request of Jess: be his pretend girlfriend for a week. What? Jess has never even kissed a boy (until five minutes ago), and now some Hollywood player wants to parade her around for all to see. No way! The introverted teen author already has enough on her plate—like dodging deadlines for her upcoming book and dealing with a raging case of imposter syndrome. read more