L.T. Caton

“Find Me In Time: Meeting Columbus” by L.T. Caton
“Find Me In Time: Meeting Columbus” by L.T. Caton 172 265 Reader Views Kids
“Find Me In Time: Meeting Columbus” is a whirlwind adventure that transports the reader through time to witness face-to-face interactions with famous characters during pivotal historical moments. Author L.T. Caton brings to life historical events with the help of five ambitious thrill-seeking teenagers. The story begins with a group of teens playing a game of hide-and-seek in the forest when Harry discovers a mysterious ladder leading up into the trees. The ladder leads to a treehouse hidden from the naked eye. Amazed by the size and age of the structure, Harry and his friends wonder out loud who made this treehouse. Suddenly, the group is transported through time to an event that feels so real to life that it leaves goosebumps. Realizing this is no ordinary treehouse, the kids rush home to gather supplies for an expedition to witness Columbus’s first landing.  read more