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“What’s in a Cloud?” by William Palumbo
“What’s in a Cloud?” by William Palumbo 418 522 Reader Views Kids
What’s In a Cloud? features a diverse character, Aaliyah, who spends her time outdoors and allows her thoughts to run free. As she watches clouds “…rolling by,” like many of us, she finds the shape of one of the clouds reminds her of something, in this case, “…a superhero with a cape.” However, there is a twist—Aaliyah is more interested in what is inside of the clouds. read more
“Ferren and the Angel” by Richard Harland
“Ferren and the Angel” by Richard Harland 664 1000 Reader Views Kids
 “Ferren and the Angel” by award-winning author Richard Harland, is the first book in a new fantasy, The Ferren Trilogy. This read follows the adventures of two sworn enemies-turned-friends, an Angel and a Residual. Their rapport comes in handy in seeking reprieve for the People, a community that has been infiltrated by an impregnable force that cunningly reaps human body parts and minds for the production of its Plasmatics and Hypers. read more
“Like a Hero” by Michael J. Bowler
“Like a Hero” by Michael J. Bowler 683 1024 Reader Views Kids
“Like a Hero: Courage Can be Costly” by Michael J. Bowler is book one of The Invictus Chronicles. This genre-busting superhero novel defies succinct description. Probably the best way to describe this creative work is to call it a graphic novel without graphics. But that sounds like I’m selling this story short. In fact, I’m giving high praise to the author for producing such a stunning effect in my brain as I read this story, that my mind created the scenes in graphic novel style. Normally when I read a book, my mind provides live-action-style scenes like sections of “video” in my head as the action evolves in print. Instead, as I read this immersive novel, it was as though a high-quality graphic novelist had free rein in my brain. Amazing. read more
“Ashley Wants a Pet” by Jestina Hodge-Pais
“Ashley Wants a Pet” by Jestina Hodge-Pais 175 175 Reader Views Kids
“Ashley Wants a Pet” would be a good read for any kid, as it is common that younger kids (and adults alike) gravitate toward puppies and kittens and baby animals at face value, without realizing that there is more to be known and explored related to where they came from. read more
“Cursed Waters” by Stanley Nesbitt
“Cursed Waters” by Stanley Nesbitt 172 265 Reader Views Kids
“Cursed Waters” by Stanley Nesbitt is about a young 16-year-old named William. Having spent the last years scraping up what work he and his younger brother could manage just to keep their mother and siblings fed, William is left feeling bitter about the confines of his home, his town and what seems to him to be a drab future. When a ship pulls into port prior to departing on a grand adventure, William stows away, telling himself (and his family) that he is doing so for his family—to earn a better living. Is he truly leaving on a long journey to provide for his family? Or is he merely taking the opportunity to escape the confined, cramped life he’s resented for too long? read more
“Pebbles and the Biggest Number” by Joey Benun
“Pebbles and the Biggest Number” by Joey Benun 175 163 Reader Views Kids
“Pebbles and the Biggest Number” by Joey Benun is an adorable children’s story full of educational opportunities for numerous age groups and education levels. A curious little butterfly’s quest to learn all about numbers also ventures into environmental science, anatomy, vocabulary, and meteorology. During Pebbles the Butterfly’s investigation of how big a number can get, he visits different climates, ecosystems, and animals as he learns about measurements, temperatures, and numeric values. He faces climate challenges from deserts to the arctic, as well as difficult weather situations such as extreme heat and hurricanes. read more