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“Peepers’s Remarkable Journey” by Tom Handel
“Peepers’s Remarkable Journey” by Tom Handel 1024 1024 Reader Views Kids
One day while children are playing in the nearby park playground, a little lost duckling hears children’s jovial voices and waddles slowly over to them in, “Peepers’s Remarkable Journey: A Duckling’s Tale” by Tom Handel. The little duckling sees Violet, a young girl who is chasing butterflies, and when Violet lays eyes on this little yellow-and-brown duckling who looks lost, she can’t help but want to make sure the duckling is safe. read more
“Flounder!” by Anita Turnage
“Flounder!” by Anita Turnage 175 175 Reader Views Kids
In “Flounder!” siblings Haden, Ella Grace, and Walker are spending the day with their grandparents, Nana T and Pop, by the shore, and are begging to check the crab trap and go fishing! The kids playfully tease Nana T until they are on their way to the water. While there, they spot a fish mixed in with the crabs that looks pretty strange – its body is flat, and it has both eyes on the same side of its head! This sparks a discussion on the fish known as the flounder and makes Haden want to go fishing for a big one. Haden experiences an exciting time while fishing that results in help from Pop, but also a new fishing hat, just like he wanted. “Flounder!” showcases a happy and carefree family who is respectful of themselves and what’s around them. The love they have for each other is evident in their actions. “Flounder!” is a moment in time memorialized by Nana T to serve as both a keepsake for her and her family as well as a model for others on how to use what’s in nature as a means to learn in a less traditional way than pen and paper. The story contains some mild excitement while pairing as a way of learning. read more
“What Does ‘Fine’ Feel Like?” by Sabrina Vandine Smith
“What Does ‘Fine’ Feel Like?” by Sabrina Vandine Smith 175 175 Reader Views Kids
“What Does “Fine” Feel Like?” is a whimsical children’s picture book that provides young readers with a revolutionary and realistic outlook on how to attach the right vocabulary to different feelings as well as come to terms with the cognitive growth of one’s emotions. Also, the luscious text invokes a keen desire for the benefit of slowing down, taking a sober interest in others as well as honestly assessing how we are doing. read more
“Later Gator” by Anita Turnage
“Later Gator” by Anita Turnage 175 184 Reader Views Kids
I love being turned on to a new book series my grandchildren will absolutely love. Thankfully, they do love books and those memorable characters they want to see again and again. This is a series by an award-winning author they refer to as “Nana T” who has published two ahead of this particular title, and I rushed to get those after reading this one to the grandkids! read more