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“There’s No Basketball on Mars” by Craig Leener
“There’s No Basketball on Mars” by Craig Leener 171 265 Reader Views Kids
Sherman “Lawrence” Tuckerman was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at the age of four; his pediatric neurologist calls him high-functioning and says he has rare savant syndrome. Lawrence hates to be touched. He hates questions. He never lies. And he hates to talk. He has two best friends, a kind, single dad, and a disassembled 1965 Chevrolet Fleetside short-bed pickup truck. He plans to drive the truck to Kansas when he turns sixteen in 91 days to visit one of his best friends. Hopefully, he can reassemble it before he gets his driver’s license. Strangely, despite his savant memory, he can’t remember why he disassembled the truck. He loves Bazooka Joe bubble gum, playing chess, basketball, and Mars. One day a government agent walks into his living room and offers him his dream job – an astronaut headed to Mars. There’s just one catch: he must be ready for lift-off in one week. read more