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“The Kingdom of Trolls” by Rae St. Clair Bridgman
“The Kingdom of Trolls” by Rae St. Clair Bridgman 167 265 Reader Views Kids
“The Kingdom of Trolls” is a dramatic and punchy fantasy novel written by award-winning author, Rae St Clair Bridgman and the fourth book in her acclaimed Middlegate series. Inspired by the author’s visits to Iceland and the desire to capture the sights, sounds, tastes, and smells of this beautiful land of ice and fire, the book follows William Wychwood and his cousin Sophie Isidor. William and Sophie were both orphaned at a young age and now live with their aunts, Violet and Rue. When Aunt Violet lands on an all-inclusive fabulous trip with a provision of four slots to Iceland from Perfect Products, Sophie and Will are reluctant to go after receiving skewed information from an explorer, Vitellus Albumen. read more
“The Little Girl” by H. Pham-Fraser
“The Little Girl” by H. Pham-Fraser 175 226 Reader Views Kids
he Little Girl by H. Pham-Fraser is a beautiful story for young children that helps to impress upon them the importance of identity and how much it is the center of belonging, no matter where you are. I think that this is a story that should be read by or to all children, and adults, to help them understand valuable lessons about how important it is to be accepting of others, even if they are different from you, and also how important it is to be kind. read more
“Daniel: Being Number 3” by Peter Pactor
“Daniel: Being Number 3” by Peter Pactor 175 262 Reader Views Kids
When I read this series, I think about Daniel as a character who is living a life that many of us fantasize about if we won the lottery. His situation is a bit different in that he comes from wealth, but through his father’s wealth, he has created even more. He uses his wealth and his compassionate heart to reach out and help those in need. This would be my dream if I had the resources to do so. read more
“Captain Boy” by John Thomson
“Captain Boy” by John Thomson 175 135 Reader Views Kids
“Captain Boy” by John Thomson is a delightful children’s book with colorful, engaging illustrations—all about a boy who loves submarines and buys one for a dollar. read more
“Daniel: Investing in Family” by Peter Pactor
“Daniel: Investing in Family” by Peter Pactor 175 263 Reader Views Kids
“Daniel: Investing in Family” is the seventh book in Peter Pactor’s Daniel series. This story begins with Daniel and his legally adopted sons. The sixteen-year-old boys are not much younger than he is, and they have dealt with a lot of hardship. When they say it takes a village to raise a child, that is also true with Daniel’s family. His own family members, mentors and friends also play a role in the lives of these young men. read more
“Good Night, Good Night, Victoria Beach” by Rae St. Clair Bridgman
“Good Night, Good Night, Victoria Beach” by Rae St. Clair Bridgman 175 175 Reader Views Kids
“Good Night, Good Night, Victoria Beach,” by the award-winning Rae St. Clair Bridgman, is a charming and thoughtful children’s picture book that both teaches and entertains. The story centers on a half-white, half-brown jackrabbit who leads readers through the four seasons and the alphabet, discovering various wonders of nature and childhood on Victoria Beach. read more