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Meet the Author! A Conversation with Karen Donley-Hayes – Author of “Shoalie’s Crow”
Meet the Author! A Conversation with Karen Donley-Hayes – Author of “Shoalie’s Crow” 629 571 Reader Views Kids
A main focus in Karen Donley-Hayes’s writing has always been animals, particularly horses, with forays into the medical field. Her work has appeared in Dressage Today, Equus, Modern Horse Breeding, The Horse, Hunter & Sport Horse, The Chronicle of the Horse, and Horse Illustrated, The Saturday Evening Post online, Blue Lyra Review, and The Quotable, among others, and numerous medical journals and publications. Her work has been anthologized in Chicken Soup for the Soul-My Cat’s Life, The Heart of All That Is: Reflections on Home, and The Blue Lyra Review. She was a Pushcart Prize nominee for “Hens on a Porch” from Blue Lyra Review as well as for “Under Cover” from The Quotable. read more
“Shoalie’s Crow” by Karen Donley-Hayes
“Shoalie’s Crow” by Karen Donley-Hayes 683 1024 Reader Views Kids
“Shoalie’s Crow” by Karen Donley-Hayes is about a horse who comes into existence with a memory of what she believes is the death of her human self. Born as a newborn foal and bred to be a racehorse, Shoalie (short for “Diamond Shoals”) has a lot of learning to do. She tries to find her way in this strange new world, feeling like a human in a horse’s body. When she comes across another animal with similar abilities, a crow named Nik, she is astonished and believes that he must have been human too, unlike the other animals around them. read more