THE TOAD WHO LOVED TEA Faiz Kermani Troubador Publishing Ltd. (2017) ISBN 9781788039970 Reviewed by Sarina (age 4), Eliana (age 6) and Mom for Reader Views […]
THE FROG WHO WAS BLUE Faiz Kermani Troubador Publishing (2017) ISBN 9781785899959 Reviewed by Willow Cramer (Age 8) for Reader Views Kids […]
THE FROG IN THE SKYSCRAPER Faiz Kermani Matador (2016) ISBN 9781785890628 Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 8) for Reader Views […]
A First Guide to Space Creatures Faiz Kermani Lulu Publishing (2010) ISBN 9780557748792 Reviewed by Evan Weldon (age 9) for […]
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