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“Silent Sally Speaks” by Payal Burnham
“Silent Sally Speaks” by Payal Burnham 175 175 Reader Views Kids
“Silent Sally Speaks” addresses Selective Mutism, a severe anxiety disorder that literally renders a person unable to speak. The book describes the journey of Sally, a girl around six-year-old, as she begins to overcome the anxiety that is causing her communication challenges. read more
“Walkout” by Tina Shepardson
“Walkout” by Tina Shepardson 175 229 Reader Views Kids
In the picture book WALKOUT, experienced educator and author Tina Shepardson takes on the difficult and scary topic of school violence. Based on a true story, the author helps children see what they can do about a situation that feels out of their control. She also helps children understand that feelings that are different from their own are acceptable and valid. read more