Dragons in the Barn: Lola's Adventures

“Dragons in the Barn: Lola’s Adventures” by Ennes Higgins
“Dragons in the Barn: Lola’s Adventures” by Ennes Higgins 175 237 Reader Views Kids
Young readers, parents, teachers, or anyone working with children will fall in love with this character Lola. She is clearly atypical as a young fictional character. Lola is strong, smart, and knows her way around a dragon. The author has a gift for telling children’s stories—a fertile imagination is key, and this story has plenty of imagination, heart, and meaning. The illustrations are paired perfectly with the story, making it all come together in a way that will stir a child’s imagination and draw them into Lola’s world. I like the message of inclusion, and young readers like Lola may find themselves relating to her. Her siblings are also fun-loving and cute. read more