Chandler the Crocodile

“Chandler the Crocodile” by Grace Estle
“Chandler the Crocodile” by Grace Estle 175 237 Reader Views Kids
“Chandler the Crocodile” is a fascinating picture book by Grace Estle and illustrated by QBN Studios. Readers are introduced to young Chandler, a crocodile who has just joined a new school. Chandler quickly notices he looks different from his peers, who are fluffy bears with brown chocolate coats. His leathery, green skin and pointy teeth quickly draw attention to him as he overhears crass comments about his body along the classroom hallways. Little Chandler is gravely upset as he shares with his mother his sad first day at school. Nothing much changes in the subsequent days and no one wants any association with him, even during breaks. With his mother’s constant reassurance, the young crocodile one day discovers his abilities and uniqueness have value. read more