Casey Paxton

“The Divinus” by Casey Paxton
“The Divinus” by Casey Paxton 175 265 Reader Views Kids
In “The Divinus: Book One” by Casey Paxton, Willow Harris thinks that her biggest problems are her alcoholic father, high school drama, and how she is going to make her next meal out of her family’s alarmingly bare cupboards.  As it turns out, however, she is about to face much bigger problems, not just life and death problems, but the death of the whole world problems.  She had been receiving mysterious books from an unknown sender since her fourteenth birthday a few years ago.  The books, which tell stories of mythical gods, monsters, and battles between good and evil forces, have been one of the only things that keep her hoping that maybe someday her life will not always feel so trapped and suffocated.  Then, strange things start happening.  read more