“In Search of Rohan Chang” by Lincoln Lee
“In Search of Rohan Chang” by Lincoln Lee 175 263 Reader Views Kids
“In Search of Rohan Chang” by Lincoln Lee is an action-packed adventure based in the heart of New York City in 1997 amidst the hunt for a serial killer. Rohan, our main character, is a typical Asian-American teenager struggling to balance his school, social, and personal life, all while trying to figure out his place in the world.  Rohan is a street artist who paints graffiti murals and often finds himself running from police. One evening while trying to elude the police, Rohan begins hearing voices, gains unusual physical abilities of speed and strength, and stumbles upon a gruesome murder scene. Overwhelmed by the voices in his head and innate physical abilities, Rohan panics, questioning his sanity.  He flees the scene, unsure if the killer is still lurking nearby.  read more