The Durples Get Lost in Elkton Forest Kathy Jardine and Ashley Jardine AuthorHouse (2007) ISBN 9781434313171 Reviewed by Matthew Feliciano […]
Do You Get The Feeling?: A handbook to facilitate emotional awareness and communication 150 ways to express yourself?Celia Rabberg AuthorHouse […]
Conor and the Crossworlds:  Breaking the Barrier (Book One) Kevin Gerard AuthorHouse (2007) ISBN 9781425991838 Reviewed by Avery Largent (age […]
Hip Hip Hurray We Found Teddy!!! Silvia Sullivan & Jason J. Propsom AuthorHouse (2007) ISBN 9781434358974 Reviewed by Cayden (age […]
Finding My Molly Peggy Krause AuthorHouse (2007) ISBN 9781434342799 Reviewed by Sophia (age 7) and Madeline (age 8) for Reader Views […]
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