An Uncommon Blue

“An Uncommon Blue” by R.C. Hancock
“An Uncommon Blue” by R.C. Hancock 673 1024 Reader Views Kids
“An Uncommon Blue” by R.C. Hancock is the first book in a Young Adult science fiction series called “Colorblind.”  In the book, we are introduced to Bruno.  Bruno is a teenage rugby star living in Telesphore.  In Telesphore, social status is determined by what color a person’s palm glows.  Blue is the most valued color and the symbol of the elite.  People of other colors are deemed inferior and are even segregated into different neighborhoods to keep the Blue population “pure.” If two people touch palms, then the colors mix.  When Bruno accidentally kills a royal soldier to save a young boy with a different color palm, he is forced to confront everything he was taught to believe.  Is color really what defines human beings?  Or is the life of a Red or Green just as important and valuable as a Blue? read more