Amy Leask

“Idunno” by Amy Leask
“Idunno” by Amy Leask 175 175 Reader Views Kids
“Idunno” by Amy Leask, illustrated by Klaudia Maziec, is a story for readers of all ages who have a childlike curiosity that remains within them and aren’t afraid to let it show. Children and adults aren’t completely different – in many ways they are similar; caring about and enjoying stories of creatures is just one of the many. Idunno is the name of a creature that resides in us all and is picky about how and to whom it exposes itself. Everyone’s Idunno is unique to themselves and will be customized to the individual. read more
“Zoom In, Zoom Out” by Amy Leask
“Zoom In, Zoom Out” by Amy Leask 500 500 Reader Views Kids

ZOOM IN, ZOOM OUT Amy Leask Red T Media (2017) ISBN 9781927425206 Reviewed by Russ Cramer (age 5) for Reader Views Kids (12/17) “Zoom In, Zoom Out”…

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