Aiden Woosol Lee

“The Longest Tongue Ever” by Aiden Woosol Lee
“The Longest Tongue Ever” by Aiden Woosol Lee 1015 1024 Reader Views Kids
“The Longest Tongue Ever” by Aiden Woosol Lee is the story of a bullfrog who is out minding his own business when a snake comes around, and the bullfrog eats it. Soon after, a venomous snake and a poison dart frog find him and say they will eat him! The bullfrog goes back to his tribe, and they try to get away from the snake and frog. On their way, they meet other animals and ask for help; each tells them to try something that works for themselves, but it doesn’t work for the frogs. They meet a capibara, a turtle, and finally, a wise sloth. The bullfrogs learn not to be like the other animals but instead do what works for them and not worry about anything else. read more
“A Galon of Water” by Aiden Woosol Lee
“A Galon of Water” by Aiden Woosol Lee 1 1 Reader Views Kids
Young author/illustrator Aiden Woosol Lee provides his readers with another wonderful tale in “A Galon of Water.”  In this story, a young glass of water has an unfortunate accident as he falls off the kitchen counter.  He is fortunate to have been saved by the pink rug on the floor.  But while he survived his accident, he’s now… different.  He’s only half full of water in a community of full cups. read more
“Para Lights” by Aiden Woosol Lee
“Para Lights” by Aiden Woosol Lee 806 1024 Reader Views Kids
This is a very happy ghost who loves everything about his life, except for one thing.  The people of this generation.  He had been happily scaring people for a century until this impervious generation came along.  Oh, they’re not truly immune to the frights of a ghost.  It’s simply that they pay no attention to him.  After all, how can he scare them if they don’t have any idea he’s around?  They’re too busy staring at screens of various sizes to notice him! read more