A Sami Series Adventure

“Secrets in the Islands” by Lauren de Leeuw
“Secrets in the Islands” by Lauren de Leeuw 640 1024 Reader Views Kids
Sami Johnson isn’t your average twelve-year-old. She has super-famous archaeologist parents for one thing, so her parents’ renowned status casts a unique shadow on her upbringing. She doesn’t even go to a real school. She’s never met her best friends in real life because she studies with them completely through the internet. For her family’s latest adventure, they are off to the island of Haida Gwaii, an archipelago off the coast of Canada. Sami finds that there is a lot more excitement there than some mere archaeological finds. A “destruction” (construction) company is out to privatize ocean access, taking it away from the natives of the islands and destroying their heritage in the process. With the help of her new Haida friend, Alaya, Sami sets out to stop them before it is too late. read more