A Quilt for Charley

“A Quilt for Charley” by Sharon Winters
“A Quilt for Charley” by Sharon Winters 175 175 Reader Views Kids
In “A Quilt for Charley” by Sharon Winters, readers are told the story of how Charley’s life changed at the age of nine years old when he was adopted and given a second shot at life. His previous nine years were sad ones in which he not only sustained a head injury when kicked by a horse, but he found himself wandering all alone in a park, not knowing where he was. Through the kindness of a park visitor, Charley was brought to a shelter. Unfortunately, he remained there for several weeks watching as people came and adopted the other dogs. Until one day his new mommy and daddy adopted him and took him to his new home where they showered him with endless love and affection, along with fun things like having toys, a warm bed, and a quilt to sleep with. read more