A Day with Waffles and Alexis

“A Day with Waffles and Alexis” by Tom Speicher
“A Day with Waffles and Alexis” by Tom Speicher 1000 1000 Reader Views Kids
“A Day with Waffles and Alexis” is about a young guinea pig named Waffles and her friend Alexis, a college student and talented rugby player. Waffles’ owners left for a trip, and Alexis came to babysit. Waffles enjoys her time with Alexis because they do many fun things together. Today, Alexis brings her dog Cashew along, and together they make crafts, play rugby with their friends, eat at a cafe, have naptime, do puzzles, watch a favorite TV show, get dressed up for a Broadway musical, and end the day with a bedtime story. Throughout the day, Waffles tells the reader about what’s going on. But she is also interested in asking and hearing from us, the readers, about how our stories relate to each part of her day. read more