Sweet Dreams/Dulces Suenos (My Family: Mi familia) by Pat Mora

Sweet Dreams/Dulces Suenos (My Family: Mi familia) by Pat Mora 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Sweet Dreams/Dulces Suenos (My Family: Mi familia)
Pat Mora
Rayo (2008)
ISBN 9780060850418
Reviewed by Cayden (age 4) and Max (age 2) Aures and Mom for Reader Views (6/08)


“Sweet Dreams/ Dulces Suenos” is a book in the My Family/Mi familia series by author Pat Mora.  In this book we follow one family’s bedtime ritual of saying goodnight.  Each sentence is written in English and then in Spanish.

Cayden:  “Another book with Spanish words!  I like these!”

Max: “Grandma!”

Cayden:  “Is that their grandma?”

Max:  “Shhhhh!!”

Cayden:  “The animals are sleeping.”

Cayden:  “How does the moon smile?”

Cayden:  “Let’s go back and count the animals Max!  We can count in English and in Spanish!”

Max:  “Count!”

Cayden:  “I like the last pages when they are all sleeping in their beds.”

Parent’s comments:
My children really enjoyed “Sweet Dreams/ Dulces Suenos,” by Pat Mora, especially my 4-year-old, who is very interested in learning Spanish words.  There is a lot of word repetition which is instrumental in learning and solidifying knowledge of a language.  Cayden was excited about repeating the words and phrases throughout the book.  The storyline was a fun one and my children liked the illustrations.  We love the educational My Family/Mi familia series and look forward to more books in the series!

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