Superman: Superman Versus Bizarro By Chris Strathearn

Superman: Superman Versus Bizarro By Chris Strathearn 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Superman: Superman Versus Bizarro
Chris Strathearn
HarperCollins (2010)
ISBN 9780061885167
Reviewed by Cayden Aures (age 5-½) and Mom for Reader Views (06/10)

Cayden: “In this book, there is someone named Bizarro who is kind of like Superman, except he does things kind of backwards. He even looks a lot like Superman and wears the same kind of clothes, except Bizarro has an ‘S’ written backwards on his shirt. Bizarro thought fire trucks put out fires and threw a fire truck at one. That didn’t work. So my favorite part was when Superman blew super icy air at the fire and it went out. I liked that I could read a lot of the book all by myself!”

Parent’s comments:

“Superman: Superman Versus Bizarro” is an “I Can Read!,” Level 2 book. My son loved the story and especially the fact that he could read the book with very little assistance. We enjoyed the Bizarro character and the book held our interest from start to finish. We recommend “Superman: Superman Versus Bizarro” to any new reader who loves superheroes!



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