Stranded By J. T. Dutton

Stranded By J. T. Dutton 150 150 Reader Views Kids

J. T. Dutton
HarperTeen (2010)
ISBN 9780061370823
Reviewed by Hillary Kreajewski (age 16) for Reader Views (12/10)

This book had some really good moments and some really bad moments. There were times when I was into the story and I really wanted to read more. But it seemed like as soon as I got to that point, one of the characters would say or do something that bothered me. It was very frustrating. I don’t think there was one character that I liked.

The writing style that the author has didn’t work for me. Some things felt rushed while others felt like they were much too long. There was no flow to the story. Since I didn’t like the characters, I didn’t feel connected at all to what was going on. Kelly was so self-absorbed and it made everything really boring to read. But there were some good moments too.

There were moments where the pace seemed to stay constant for a while and I was able to settle into the book and just read. Unfortunately, I think the bad parts overshadowed the good parts to the point where I wanted to put it down and read something else. I do not think I would recommend this to one of my friends. But, the main problem I had with this book was the main character’s personality. If you’re able to get past that, the plot of “Stranded” is pretty good and the writing is okay.


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