“Squeak & Mouse Make a Muffin Mess” by Caroline K.

“Squeak & Mouse Make a Muffin Mess” by Caroline K. 387 500 Reader Views Kids

Squeak & Mouse Make A Muffin Mess 

Caroline K.
ISBN Canada (2023) 
Reviewed by Michaela Gordoni for Reader Views (12/2023) 

In “Squeak & Mouse Make A Muffin Mess” by Caroline K., two young rodent siblings decide to make warm muffins on a cold day. But what they haven’t thought of is that if they’re both going to make muffins, they have to get along and work together! They fight and squabble until, finally, the muffin batter goes everywhere. Can they make up and make muffins together after all?

“Squeak & Mouse Make A Muffin Mess” is a short, cute introduction to baking. It’s mostly oriented around the mice and their sibling rivalry, but it also encourages an interest in cooking. The illustrations are bright and basic. Children will easily identify what they’re seeing on the pages and understand what’s going on in the story, even if they can’t read the words. The book also invites young readers to embark on their own culinary adventures and includes a “picturized recipe” for banana muffins, which is an easy visual way for kids to see what ingredients are needed for a recipe and how to make it.

The short story also has moral value, which is very important in children’s books. The mice siblings make up after their food fight and learn to work together, after all. They also put their heads together to find a resolution to their small kitchen catastrophe. It shows what can happen when you don’t share or if you choose to be mean-spirited. It also subtly teaches independence and confidence—kids don’t have to ask parents to read everything for them when they can see what ingredients they need. They’ll discover pride in themselves when they realize they have done something all by themselves.

This is a very helpful book for young kids who have an interest in baking and cooking. Even for those who don’t, it’s still a great positive story for any young reader, as it teaches the values of sharing, solving problems, and working together. With humor, cooperation, and a touch of chaos, Squeak and Mouse’s muffin adventure becomes a tool for learning life’s valuable lessons. It is a fun and creative little story that is ideal for any young child’s library.

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