“Sprout’s Idea” by Lincoln Rawlins

“Sprout’s Idea” by Lincoln Rawlins 175 219 Reader Views Kids

Sprout’s Idea

Lincoln Rawlins & Cara Ord (Illustrator)
Ignite & Write Books (2022)
ISBN 978-0645544701
Reviewed by Jill Rey for Reader Views (12/2022)

Sprout is young, Sprout is small, and Sprout is not very strong. But, when Sprout’s birthday party is ruined by Shade Man, and a whole year goes by of Shade Man casting his shadow, Sprout decides it’s time to do something about it. The shade is causing all the forest family to be sad. With Shade Man blocking the sun, there are no parties and no fun. So, Sprout brings together his whole forest family to move Shade Man and bring back the sun. Even the older trees, who are hesitant to move their roots, decide a change is needed. 

Kindness is everything! Shade Man is the way he is because all he ever knew was about being bullied, being picked on, and being made fun of. All of Shade Man’s fun and happiness was ruined by others’ lack of kindness. But in “Sprout’s Idea!” readers are shown that it is never too late to spread kindness instead. Whether it be people, the earth, or the animals, all one needs to flourish is someone to be nice, someone to care, and someone to watch out for them. It only takes one person and maybe that kindness will spread to others and cause them to treat others nicely as well. The messaging and themes within this read are perfect for readers young and old, as kindness has no age limits. 

Created and written by young storyteller, author Lincoln Rawlins, this impressive story is brought to life by the vivid characters and vibrant colors cascading across the pages, conveyed to us by illustrator Cara Ord. Rawlins may be young, but his story is mighty. Other children and parents alike have much to learn from Rawlins’ impressive themes and the strength of Sprout’s character. Sprout will remind young readers of the likes of “Baby Grout” while spreading his aft message while carrying out his brilliant idea. Ord’s images perfectly complement the story within these pages as she uses blues, greens, and browns to provide trees of all ages to undertake Sprout’s great idea. With a sinister-looking Shade Man, and a sprite young Sprout, these characters are easily identifiable and unique. There is much to love about “Sprout’s Idea!” as his kindness sticks with readers and reminds us all of its importance.

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