Rob Scotton
HarperFestival (2014)
ISBN 9780062115881
Reviewed by Emilee Summers and Eliana Summers (age 4) for Reader View Kids (2/15)

“Splat the Cat Goes to the Doctor” by Rob Scotton is another wonderful addition to the Splat the Cat adventures. Splat is excited because he gets to leave school early today! This leaves his friends feeling jealous. That is, until Spike explains that going to the doctor is nothing to celebrate. He heard the doctor’s office is a scary place with bandages and “ther-mom-o meter” things!  Now the rest of Splat’s friends can’t help but worry for him, making Splat worry too. What will he do?

“Splat the Cat Goes to the Doctor” is really a fun book. The illustrations are great and the characters in the story are all so lovable. The lesson behind the book was the main reason I was looking forward to this story.

My sister was not so happy about the idea of going to the doctors, and I was hoping that this book would help her realize it’s really not that scary. Just like in the book, she’ll realize that the people at the doctor’s office are there to help and that a doctor’s appointment can actually be pretty fun! After reading it to her I’m confident to say I was able to help her realize that.

Another thing that was great about Splat the Cat Goes to the Doctor” by Rob Scotton is that the book comes with stickers, including the one Splat got at the end of his checkup. My sister thought was that so cool and couldn’t wait to play doctor just so she could have a sticker like Splat.

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