Spinner by Michael J. Bowler

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SpinnerMichael J. Bowler
CreateSpace (2015)
ISBN 9781511943086
Reviewed by Evan Weldon (age 13) for Reader Views (09/15)

“Spinner” by Michael J. Bowler is a book about Alex, a teenager with spina bifida and learning disabilities. Alex has a power called “spinning” which allows him to take emotions and injuries away from people. After Alex’s favorite teacher is killed mysteriously and replaced by an unscrupulous teacher who appears to be flirting with Alex and his friends, strange things begin happening.  A police officer takes special interest in Alex, and people start getting murdered… After going to a skate park with his best friend Roy, Alex is hypnotized into almost letting Roy die. He knows something is going on. But as the murders continue, Alex and his friends are put through test after test of their commitment to one another. In the end though, will Alex and his commitment to his friends be enough to stop the killings?

My favorite character was Java, with his unfaltering devotions and protectiveness to his friends. This book was a great look into friendship, where even under the greatest strain none of Alex’s friends ever abandoned him when he needed them. His friends even went as far as to break into a grave yard and dig up a grave for Alex just because Alex’s couldn’t do it with his confinement to a wheelchair.

I would suggest “Spinner” by Michael J. Bowler to people who are into teenage horror books. This book contained sexual material that I wouldn’t suggest for many people. There is also a great deal of profanity that again would not be appropriate to all audiences. For people who are okay with this kind of content I think a lot of people would really enjoy “Spinner” due to its interesting plot and detailed character development.


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