Spider-Man: Spider-Man Versus the Lizard
Susan Hill
HarperFestival (2010)
ISBN 9780061626203
Reviewed by Evan Weldon (age 7) for Reader Views (01/10)

“Spider Man: Spider-Man Versus the Lizard” by Susan Hill is about how Peter Parker got assigned to take pictures of a monster lizard loose in a swamp. When he sees that the vicious lizard is wearing a lab coat, he discovers that the lizard is really Dr. Connor. Dr. Connor had been doing experiments to help people regrow body parts (like lizards can), but something went terribly wrong and turned the doctor into a terrible, gigantic lizard. Will Spider-Man be able to save Dr. Connor?

When the lizard retreated into the swamp, Spidey raced to the scientist’s house and then his lab. He started to concoct an antidote. Just as Spidey was finishing the antidote, the lizard bashed into the lab. As they battled, Spider-Man tried to get a hold of the lizard with is web but with one powerful thrash of the lizard’s tail, the web was broken. As the lizard prepared to roar, Spider-Man saw his chance and poured the potion down the lizard’s throat. But will the potion work? Will Dr. Connor be turned back into his self or will the lizard out-power Spider-Man and rule the world?

This is one of my favorite Spider-Man stories. It had a lot of action. The illustrations were good at helping to tell the story. I would recommend “Spider Man: Spider-Man Versus the Lizard” by Susan Hill to all young Spider-Man fans.



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