Spider Man: Spider-Man Versus the Green Goblin
Susan Hill
HarperFestival (2010)
ISBN 9780061626227
Reviewed by Evan Weldon (age 7) for Reader Views (01/10)

“Spider Man: Spider-Man Versus the Green Goblin” by Susan Hill is about how Peter Parker helps to rescue his best friend Harry’s father. When Peter Parker asked Harry why he hadn’t been at school, Harry replied that his father, Mr. Osborn, had been hurt in an accident at OsCorp and then disappeared. When Peter left Harry’s house, he promised Harry that he would help him look for his father, but he hadn’t told him that he was going to help him as Spider-Man.

When Spidey spun around on some web toward OsCorp, he heard a scream. He swung toward the scream and saw a man lying on the ground. The man said that a creepy green guy swung down on a glider and stole his wallet. Spidey decided that he would go and find the creepy green guy and then he would find Mr. Osborn. His spider senses quickly led him to the villain. Spidey swung toward the villain and demanded the stolen money. The green guy hurled the money at him and said, “I am the Green Goblin. With bag of gadgets, I will take over the city!” The green guy hurled pumpkin bombs at Spidey. Will Spidey save Mr. Osborn and the city? Will a startling discovery threaten Peter Parker’s secret?

This book was pretty good. For people who don’t already know the story, this book could be pretty suspenseful. The illustrations were bigger and better than what you would see in a comic book. I recommend “Spider Man: Spider-Man Versus the Green Goblin” by Susan Hill to all young Spider-Man fans.


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