Spider-Man: Menace of the Molten Man By David Seidman

Spider-Man: Menace of the Molten Man By David Seidman 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Spider-Man: Menace of the Molten Man
David Seidman
HarperFestival (2009)
ISBN 9780061626128
Reviewed by Evan Weldon (age 7) for Reader Views (01/10)

“Spider-Man: Menace of the Molten Man” by David Seidman is about when Peter Parker was sent out to take pictures of a meteorite and space rocks that had just been discovered. Since he really wanted to get there fast, he went as Spider-Man. While he was taking pictures, he noticed that the laboratory was unusually warm. Suddenly the Molten Man burst through the wall of the lab. Spider-Man stood back as the Molten Man charged toward the meteorite and took it right from the scientist’s hand. Spider-Man immediately sprung into action against his new foe. He tried to tie him up in some webbing but the webbing just melted.

The Molten Man used to be a scientist studying meteorites when he found some hot metal liquid inside a particular meteorite and accidentally spilled the liquid on himself. The liquid turned him into metal and gave him amazing heat power. Molten Man now wanted to steal this meteorite so he could make himself even stronger. Will Spider-Man be able to beat the Molten Man and protect the meteorite? You will have to read it yourself to find out.

I would recommend “Spider-Man: Menace of the Molten Man” by David Seidman to young Spider-Man fans and other Spider-Man lovers. The pictures were pretty good and bigger than a regular comic book picture. I really liked this book, and I will read it over and over again. It is my favorite Spider-Man book.


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