Spider-Man: Evil Comes in Pairs by Kate Egan

Spider-Man: Evil Comes in Pairs by Kate Egan 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Spider-Man: Evil Comes in Pairs 
Kate Egan
HarperCollins (2009)
ISBN 9780061626258
Reviewed by Matthew Feliciano (age 8) for Reader Views (1/09)


In “Spider-Man: Evil Comes in Pairs,” two villains that Spider-Man threw in prison long ago, Venom and Carnage, are up to no good again.  They were set free from jail and are trying to wreck New York City like they tried to a long time ago.  With the combined forces of the two alien beings, Venom and Carnage are stronger and faster than Spider-Man.

Carnage is indestructible and Venom has the ability to morph into anything.  With those two powers mixed together they are almost impossible to beat.  But each of them has a weakness: Venom hates having to hurt innocent civilians and Carnage hates loud noises.  When Spider-Man tried to fight them, Venom decided not to pair with Carnage because Carnage wanted to try to make the civilians try to hurt each other. Spider-Man was able to defeat Carnage easily.

I liked “Spider-Man: Evil Comes in Pairs” by Kate Egan because it was funny and it was full of action.  It is easy to get lost in this story for a little bit because it is a really good book and you can get very caught up in it.


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