“Something for Kids” by Sergey Tarkhov

“Something for Kids” by Sergey Tarkhov 150 150 Reader Views Kids


Sergey Tarkhov
Outskirts Press (2015)
ISBN 9781478738299
Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 8) for Reader Views (01/16)

“Something for Kids” by Sergey Tarkhov is a mix of short stories and rhymes that you will enjoy.

One of my favorite is “It is Raining Cats and Dogs.” I remember the first time I heard it, because it is very funny and I thought too that it was so real. “Heads and Tails” is also a good one that I cannot forget. The fact that I had to choose between heads and tails was very hard.

Of the rhymes, my favorite is the one about the chicks. I love how they rhyme and you have to follow the count.

“Something for Kids” by Sergey Tarkhov is a very nice book. You will enjoy reading the rhymes, and learning about some expressions that we all use. I liked it very much. It is a book for all ages and I loved how it made me remember from where expressions come from.  Great book! Love it.

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