Snowed In by Rachel Hawthorne

Snowed In by Rachel Hawthorne 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Snowed In
Rachel Hawthorne
HarperCollins Publishers (2007)
ISBN 9780061138362
Reviewed by Emily Robbins (13) for Reader Views (3/08)


“Snowed In,” by Rachel Hawthorne, is a cute story about Ashleigh and her mom. They just moved to a very tiny island in the Great Lakes, thinking it would get them away from all the exhausting drama.  They expected it to be fun, but did they really know just how cold this little island could get? Ashleigh has to adjust to this extraordinarily different new life, battle out the freezing weather, make some new friends, and possibly a new boyfriend, in this funny modern romance.

Ashleigh is my favorite character in “Snowed In.” She was unpredictable, and always made me laugh. Ashleigh was always doing something funny, and I could never figure her out! She was by far my favorite character.

Nathalie, Ashleigh’s new best friend on the chilly island, came off as rude and very pushy to me. She was a great character for this book, and she made the story more interesting, but I didn’t like her in the least bit. Nathalie was absolutely, no question, my very least favorite character in the whole entire book.

My favorite part in this book would have to be in very beginning, when she Ashleigh has just woken up, still half asleep, and she stumbles across ‘the lumberjack,’ Jake. She was so not a morning person, so she was a little grumpy, and she just starts chewing out Jake. I was laughing for the rest of the chapter.

“Snowed In” by Rachel Hawthorne, though a little predictable in some parts, was an all-around incredible book. I just could not put it down! There was never once a boring moment in it, and I loved every little inch. The author did a fantastic job, and I thought the she wrote the book very well. I would absolutely, without hesitation, recommend “Snowed In,” by Rachel Hawthorne, to everyone.

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