Snow White: A new, kinder, gentler telling of Gram’s Fairy Tales
Susan Meredith
Rocking Chair Publications (2010)
ISBN 9780984286638
Reviewed by Zoey Crane (age 6) for Reader Views (12/10)

Author Susan Meredith has put a new spin on an old favorite fairy tale, “Snow White.” Unlike the original fairy tale, there are no wicked witches or queens or evil being done. This new tale only looks at the positive. The book has good large print and colorful pictures in a modern tone.


“Well, I’m not sure I liked this but I did in a way. There were no mean people and for some kids that might be better for them. The pictures were very colorful and big. I thought it was very easy to read. In this story there is a pageant for the fairest in the land and everyone had to have natural beauty. Queen Amber and Snow White both wanted to win and they both wanted to get different prizes. Snow White lived with the dwarfs, but their house was different. Snow White decorated it with stenciling – that’s like painting and gave all the dwarfs matching colors. Queen Amber wanted to win and tried to give Snow White a comb that would turn her hair pink and there was an apple with sleeping medicine in it. In the end Snow White got her Prince and Queen Amber was the fairest of all.”


Well, this was different in a modern type of way and it was easy to read. Zoey read the front and back covers and asked why it wasn’t like the old story. It did have new words to learn and those were underlined and in the back there was a glossary of the words with meanings and pictures. I thought “Snow White: A new, kinder, gentler telling of Gram’s Fairy Tales” was quite creative, but children might have a hard time adjusting to the new approach.


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