Alayne Kay Christian
Spork (2017)
ISBN 9781946101051
Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 10) for Reader Views (2/18)

“Sienna the Cowgirl Fairy: Trying to Make it Rain” by Alayne Kay Christian, is the story of a girl named Sienna who lives in Grayson County, Texas. Her mom is a fairy and her dad a cowboy. So, being half human and half fairy was not so good when she had to be a fairy like her mom wanted, but she loved being a cowgirl and help her dad in everything she could. This year has been very hot, and a big drought was drying all the crops out. Her dad was worried, and Sienna wanted to help and planned to read her book that teaches how to make rain. Once inside the house her mom let her know that soon she will be going to a Fairy Camp. Sienna wasn’t happy to be a delicate fairy; she was happy being on the farm and learning all the jobs with her dad.

Meet Sienna the Cowgirl fairy on her journey to become a better fairy and her adventures to learn how to make it rain. Join her and her roommate Ali in all what they go through in the fairy camp with Ms. F., and her teacher Ms. Fern. Also the other fairies Jolly, Holly and find out who Duke is, that are part of this cute and funny story.

I liked the book “Sienna the Cowgirl Fairy: Trying to Make it Rain” very much. It’s a story of a girl who cares and wants to help her dad on the farm, but at the same time she pleases her mom’s wish in becoming a better fairy.  I love how Sienna tries hard and never gives up.  She is a good cowgirl. This is a very fun story to read and the illustrations are cute.

A note from mom:

“Sienna the Cowgirl Fairy- Trying to Make it Rain” by Alayne Kay Christian is a great chapter book filled with fun and adventure.  Paola enjoyed seeing how persistent Sienna is in achieving her goal to make rain, and her special bond with her father. We enjoyed the Texan slangs and having the glossary at the end will help kids understand even better.

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