“Seventeen to Millionaire” by Douglas Price

“Seventeen to Millionaire” by Douglas Price 672 1024 Reader Views Kids

Seventeen to Millionaire

Douglas Price
Independently Published (2023)
ISBN: 978-1778059209
Reviewed by Diana Coyle for Reader Views (08/2023)

Author Douglas Price, who wrote “Seventeen to Millionaire,” offers sound advice to seventeen-year-olds coming of age to open a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA). This is suggested to help them start saving money without being taxed on anything that accrues in that account over time. Even though he has no financial degree or financial background, the advice he offers is sound enough to make complete sense to his readers.

Douglas Price writes in a conversational tone that makes saving and investing easy to learn and extremely easy to execute. If the readers follow along and go step-by-step as to what Mr. Price suggests they do, their Tax-Free Savings Account should ultimately end up being financially better off from what their initial investment was in that account. Is it possible for a seventeen-year-old to become a millionaire over time? Why is this advice geared especially toward seventeen-year-olds?

I really enjoyed reading this teen investment book because it was written in a down-to-earth conversational tone any reader of any age could understand. Although Mr. Price is aiming this book toward seventeen-year-olds, it really could be read by readers of any age who want to secure their financial futures with less effort and stress. The reason it’s geared toward seventeen-year-olds is simple. When you reach that age, you should start becoming aware of what is needed to start saving your money in an account that will earn you money and remain tax-free. By the time you turn eighteen, you can now officially open your own Tax-Free Savings Account without needing a parent to sign for anything. The earlier you start putting money into your TFSA, the better you are at achieving your goal of eventually becoming a millionaire.

What really struck me about the author was that he had no financial background, nor any financial degrees. It was his own blood, sweat, and tears that brought him to do all this research for himself and decide to eventually write a book for teenagers. I’ve read other financial books in the past and honestly, they put me to sleep. They spoke over my head in terms with little or no explanation as to what the terms meant, and I felt more lost than when I started reading the book. With this book, Mr. Price immediately speaks in a conversational, down-to-earth tone that any reader can follow without any issues understanding the terms used or the steps that need to be taken to be successful in investing in your own TFSA.

I loved how he wrote the book in a step-by-step method so the teens could easily follow along and accomplish each step on the list. He provided plenty of examples for every scenario he discussed and allowed the reader to walk away confident in the actions they plan on taking with their money. I feel this is one of those books that every teenager should read if they’re serious enough in wanting to secure their financial future right from the start.

I absolutely enjoyed reading “Seventeen to Millionaire” by Douglas Price and am an adult reader. I feel it’s blown all those other financial books out of the water. I sincerely feel that this might be a perfect book to be assigned in high school for teens to read and discuss in class together. I feel that would be a great environment to spark their financial interests and at the perfect age at which they can start planning to open their own TFSA. This book is written for ages 16+ and I feel it’s the best age to start teaching financial thinking to teens. I highly recommend this book!     

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